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winnipeg, mb

Streetwear clothing company from Canada; Mighty Malicious x Delicious also known as MMXD 
"We focus on quality, fit, fashion, and original graphics"


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Uhhh...Where the fxcks my order?


  • Local Orders

Please allow 7-10 business days from the time of purchase to receive your order at your door.


  • Shipped throughout Canada

You will receive an e-mail within 3 business days from the time of purchase. Once you receive that email please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive via mail.


2.     I e-mailed you my order early, why did they get their order first?

Online orders made through the website are our priority. We want to accommodate for everyone and avoid disappointment but this will help us stay organized and get you your orders faster!

This doesn't mean we don't take email orders anymore, it just might take a little longer to get your merchandise.


3.     Can I arrange a time to pick up my order locally?

Of course! We'd love to meet y'all. Shoot us an email to confirm a time and place.


Subject to availability.


4.     Can I order stuff thats not on the website or says SOLD OUT?    

No, if that shirt/hat/fleece you seen your homie rocking isn't on the site...we don't have it no mo' boo boo


5.     If the site says a product is SOLD OUT, does that mean its sold out forever?

If the product remains on the site we're doing our best to restock it.